The LIFR Sales System puts you in front of the right leads, and helps you walk them through a proven sales system that generates results. The LIFR sales cycle is a step-by-step process that allows you to have a consistent message, that targets the right clients and simplifies the sales process. Plus, we provide you with all of the materials, brochures, websites and more that can be used to help you close the sale.

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The Virtual Assistant provides unlimited access to a complete library of financial tools and support materials. It supports producers regardless of their practice specialty, distribution channel or career stage; consequently, it is, of necessity, a very broad product. It is in essence a huge interactive library and, like a library, you will never use all the “books.” The Quick Guide below is designed to help you quickly identify the areas of the VSA that will be of most potential benefit to you. Simply roll your cursor over the topic for a brief “pop-up” overview of the content and/or click for additional information on the content in that section.

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WebPrez videos are “Problem / Solution” videos. They present the viewer with a common financial problem that can be either prevented or resolved with an insurance or annuity solution typically with the benefit or advantage of a specific tax or legal provision. These videos are designed to engage your prospects and aid you in securing the appointment and closing more sales. AMZ Financial agents are eligible for a FREE 3 month trial.

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