The Family Retirement Plan™
With the threat of higher taxes in retirement, and the probability that Social Security will not be able to provide the retirement foundation some expect, clients are desperately searching for answers. With The Family Retirement Plan, we show clients a strategy that provides more benefits than their current plan and less risk, without ever changing the amount of money they are saving. The result is the sale of an Indexed Universal Life insurance policy.
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Retirement planning is important for all clients, but what many clients don't realize is that the amount of ordinary income they receive in retirement can impact them in more ways than one. This client workshop introduces the concept of planning for a tax-free retirement income stream that they cannot outlive. You are able to create this for them, thanks to the products and services made available by the insurance industry through the sale of an indexed annuity with a guaranteed lifetime income rider.

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Over the years, your annuity clients have trusted you with their assets, and have now reached a point where they are safely enjoying their retirement. But your wonderful planning using annuities has now created a situation where your clients want to efficiently transfer wealth and minimize the amount of taxes the pay to Uncle Sam.  This client workshop appeals to your clients that have annuities sitting around and are not leveraging the opportunity to more efficiently transfer wealth. An annuity producer with a book of business in the $10 million range could easily expect to add an additional $200,000 in commissions, and help their clients efficiently transfer wealth. The result is the sale of a no-lapse Universal Life policy.

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In today's volatile market conditions, many of your clients would rather stuff money under their mattress than suffer the ups-and-downs of the market.  Even worse, some may think putting their money in the bank keeps it safe, only to see it earn less than one percent annually. This client workshop appeals to savers because it offers the safety they desire but doesn't lock it up in an annuity. It also allows immediate liquidity, yet provides more benefits by addressing their long-term care and chronic-care needs. The result is the sale of a single-premium whole life policy.

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