Make More Sales with Less Selling

The LIFR Sales System gives you all the tools for you to do what you do best – and that’s close sales. This comprehensive system takes insurance producers of all education and experience levels and turns them into super heroes. LIFR provides the materials you need including:

  • Lead generation tools like postcards, brochures, fliers, reply card mailers and emails to help generate interest
  • Videos to help pre-sell your clients by educating them that they may not reach their retirement dreams
  • Software that shows the client that it may not be the amount of money they’re saving for retirement, but where they’re saving it
  • A consumer-focused website that pulls it all together and captures leads
  • An optional radio-based lead program that delivers guaranteed results

Take the time to speak to your LIFR Representative to learn how you can join this system and start making more sales with less selling.