When choosing our portfolio of products, AMZ took a fresh approach. Rather than just “trying to sell what you have”, we asked ourselves, “why not have or make the products that really sell!” AMZ is one of the only Independent Marketing Organizations with the knowledge in house needed to develop, price, and manage life and annuity products. This enables AMZ to not only determine which products will perform the best long term, but it also allows AMZ to go directly to insurance companies and assist them with all of their product development needs. AMZ has the knowledge and resources needed to give agents “the real truth” about life and annuity products so they can make the best choice for their clients. In addition, AMZ enhances an insurance company’s ability to develop competitive and profitable life and annuity products.

AMZ is recognized as “the experts” in indexed life insurance by many insurance organizations. This has allowed us to work directly with those organizations and develop their indexed life product portfolios. Insurance agents that sell indexed life products offered by AMZ can be assured they are selling products that will perform as expected long term. Since AMZ was involved in the development of many of these products, we can give insurance agents the training needed in order to sell those products appropriately. Also, insurance companies can look to AMZ for information on how indexed life products are really sold and rely on our pricing expertise to ensure their products will meet company expectations.

An insurance company can always go to outside actuarial consultants to develop an indexed product. However, these consultants have limited sales and marketing experience and typically use a “boiler plate” approach to product development. In a world where differentiation is the key to success, this approach is rarely successful with the field. In addition, AMZ has access to the most successful agents selling indexed products. They are very involved in the product design process we use with insurance companies. This gives us the ability to develop products we know will be successful with the field.

Should you have any desire in finding out more information about AMZ’s product development capabilities, don’t hesitate to call.

Jason Konopik, Chief Financial Officer, jason@amzwebcenter.com, (515) 327-1181 x101