It never ceases to amaze me when people talk about the national debt, and the ways to solve the problem. Well one new iPhone application is a must have for the insurance producer. The new app “Debt Bomb” projects the additional taxes an individual household would have to pay if federal taxes were to reflect the full value of federal spending. It personalizes the issue as has never been done before. The goal of the app is to show young, tech-savvy Americans how our debt may affect their standard of living.  The application developer, Kyle Smith, an engineering student at UT–Austin states, “Given the current fiscal path on which America is headed, younger and future taxpayers are going to have to pay a disproportionately large amount for promises that have been made.  It’s difficult to appreciate what this means – as bad as the economy is now, things can get worse.”

Download the application Debt Bomb in the iTunes App Store by clicking here.


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