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AMZ/ICB has created brainsharks to help you quickly get up to speed on all of the nuances in plan design. We know LTC insurance can be confusing and we want to simplify it for you as much as possible. Click on each of the links below to view them today!

Genworth PC Flex 2
John Hancock Custom Care III with Benefit Builder
MedAmerica Simplicity ii
MedAmerica FlexCare
Mutual of Omaha Mutual Care Plus
Transamerica TransCare II


Listen and Learn


  • Lazy Money products can provide four solutions:

    1. Annuity Alternative indexed (up to 8.5%cap) for growth greater than any annuity on the market
    2. Wealth Transfer with Tax-Free Death Benefit
    3. Long-Term Care
    4. Final Expense

Life with LTC paid in cash with built-in ROP and Simplified Issue (the following cases AMZ has been able to get approved: Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, multiple TIA’s, Diabetics using Insulin and much

The Lazy Money Concept success is largely due to the outstanding marketing pieces AMZ has developed.

1. Lazy Money Pre-Approach letter (short & long versions) – Use this letter on your letterhead to market and to get your foot in the Lazy Money door.
2. Lazy Money Promise Ad w-Case Study (see below) – This customizable ad will assist in marketing, highlights the Lazy Money promises and gives a true Cindy CD holder case study.
3. Lazy Money Appointment Setting Script – This helpful tool will lead you through a phone

conversation with your clients and will assist in setting appointments.
4. Lazy Money Why is it for me – This customizable ad will assist in showing/telling why this makes sense.
5. Lazy Money Putting Your Money to Work – This customizable ad covers the “Rule of 72” and reiterates what Lazy Money is.
6. This customizable piece covers CD vs. CD Alternative. Ask your client what CD or money market interest rate they have at their financial institution and what dollar amount is in it. Run a Lazy Money product quote for real life numbers. Plug in the numbers. Premium amount is upper right. Bonus, interest rate and tax bracket changes at the bottom and additional considerations right above. After going through this with your client the decision is easy; your client will choose the Lazy Money product every time as an alternative to their low interest rate CD or Money Market account.
7. Lazy Money Client Friendly Workshop PowerPoint

CLICK HERE for product highlights and case study…


United Security Assurance

See below to view our some more valuable carriers that we currently offer:

  • Standalone LTC, Multi-Life LTC, True Group LTC and Association/Sponsored Group LTC.
    Click Here…
  • Asset Based Carriers; Life and Annuity w/LTC Products
    Click Here…

CLICK HERE for product highlights and case study…


AMZ has contracted with an additional LTC carrier who wants your business!! This carrier will consider Insulin Dependent Diabetics with more than 75 units a day, Multiple Sclerosis, Cirrhosis of the Liver, Congestive Heart Failure, Stroke, TIA and MORE! Check out the state approval chart to see if the products are approved in your state, review product features, and then give me a call to discuss your case.

• For the state approval chart, CLICK HERE.
• For product features, CLICK HERE

Some products will issue through age 99!


“I rarely discussed Long-Term Care insurance with my clients because I knew little about it. Thanks to Chris Skelton at AMZ Financial, I SOLD a $4,955.40 annual premium LTC policy this weekend. Though I was in competition with another broker, Chris’ knowledge proved to be invaluable. He lent his time on a Saturday for a teleconference with my clients and explained all the benefits of their current policy as well as the benefits of the new policy. We won the business, and now I have the confidence to tell all of my clients about LTCi.” – Maria F.


AMZ is very competitive with LTC compensation
Please call to discuss whether we are able to pay you more and lend you the support you need. For more information on Long-Term Care or to get started with contracting, please refer to the following:

AMZ-ICB Website
– User id: guest, Password: AMZ
• For our staff phone numbers and departments, CLICK HERE.

Christopher J. Skelton, CLTC

Vice President of Mature Markets Division
(Annuities, LTC & Alternatives, Wealth Transfer)

(866) 204 – 7712 x 113

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3 Responses to LTC eNews – Thursday, December 19th, 2013

  1. Are the LTCi training requirements still the same for selling an LTC product in CO? If so, I am not current for LTCi. What LTCi training is available in CO? When? Thanks, Jim Wolstenholm

    • Chris says:


      Firstly, Colorado is a tough state for LTC CE requirements; see below.

      Secondly, are you writing much LTC? If so, which marketing organization are you using?

      Lastly, have you completed your online training? I may be able to help with this.

       One-Time 16-Hour Training, To Include 8-Hours Of General LTC Training And 8-Hours Of Specific
      Partnership Training
       The General LTC Training can be classroom, online or print but the Partnership portion must be classroom.
       5-Hour Refresher Every Other Year

      Please feel free to email me at chris@amzwebcenter.com for further information.

      • Tim Kelly says:

        Chris, our CO office runs the partnership training courses. Let me know and we can get Jim the schedule.


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