It’s a great product to remind you about. We have a 6% bonus product, with a 6.5% income rider roll up, and an ROP feature. Very easy sales conversation to have. We can run proposals on their website for the income rider.

~ Mark Tripplet, President of Mature Market Division, AMZ Financial Insurance Services

Have you recently heard an agent state that they are having a hard time closing a sale due to the low interest rate environment – or their client can’t see the benefit of the annuity with such low interest rates?

While interest rates are lower than they were 5 years ago, they still outpace that of CDs where we see the national average on a 24-month CD hovering slightly above 0.40%*.  How much is it costing someone sitting on the sidelines?  And what is the rate they hope to receive – and when will they be able to get that rate?  Get that money working for them today – maximizing their retirement dollars – while still keeping the client in control.

Place these assets into the MarketTen Bonus/Builder Bonus (based on state approval).  The client receives a 6% fully vested bonus.  Allocate to the fixed account and receive an additional 1.15%.  You can then make the argument even if interest rates do improve – 2,3, or even 4 years down the road – the client benefits significantly from having the money working for them now, instead of waiting for a higher interest rate environment!

Lastly, your producer and their client remain in control with the Return of Premium feature on all issued contracts for the MarketTen Bonus and Builder Bonus.  The client is able to surrender the contract knowing the least they will receive back is the premium placed in the contract (less withdrawals).  During annual reviews – this gives your agent one more item to discuss with their client!

MarketTen Bonus:

  • 6% fully vested premium bonus (received on all premiums received years 1-5)
  • Return-of-Premium at no cost to the client
  • 10 year contract, 10% surrender charge
  • 0-80 issue ages, 6% street level commission
  • Income Rider can be add based on state availability

*(rates based off of bankrate.com)

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