Close enough is good in Horseshoes, and hand grenades. It is not acceptable when choosing annuity and life products to meet your clients needs. Every client’s situation is different. Every contract (Annuity and Life) is written differently. Insurance and annuity contracts are legally binding documents between an insurer and the policy holder. They are so much more than product features and benefits. Some contacts are more appropriate for one situation than another. Using a sub optimal product is not good enough. It may be easy to stick with “what we know” and use the same products for every client, but our clients deserve the best, not close enough. Would you agree?

We are independent financial professionals. We have the power to choose the best for each client. AMZ gives you access to the spectrum of fixed products industry wide, both life insurance and annuities. We also have a passion for talking through each case with you in order to get to the optimal results for your clients. Let use help you optimize your client’s situation with concierge case design support and broad reach of annuity and life insurance contracts. You owe it to your clients, and we owe it to you to do the best job possible. Close is not good enough for my mother, grandmother or your clients.

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