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8 Responses to Annuity Rate Sheet – January 27th, 2015

  1. Ed Harrigan says:

    Is the product highlighted in the attached email as a CD alternative with 12% bonus,180k DB,100% liquid-ROP, and accelerated DB for LTC an Equitrust SPWL?

    • MarkTriplett says:

      Ed, you are correct, the carrier is EquiTrust. Good eye, its impressive that you picked up on that. Please don’t let the product used in the illustration in this example overshadow the marketing concept we are promoting called LAZY MONEY. The LAZY MONEY story has been so compelling, that it has been a boon for our distribution partners. Their prospects are moved to act, and act now.

      Equitrust is one of a handful of carriers we use to fulfill the promises made by our LAZY MONEY story. Chances are you have an annuity contract with Equitrust. Almost everyone does. However, there is a separate contract for EquiTrust Life products and a separate contract for EquiTrust annuity products. AMZ is one of only 14 IMO’s that have the Life contract; call me if you would like to get contracted.

      On another note, we have another LAZY MONEY fulfillment carrier that has a product almost identical to EquiTrust’s and they are more liberal than EquiTrust regarding underwriting. In fact, with this other carrier, we have gotten the following cases placed; 77 an 82 year old with Parkinson’s, TIA’s less than 12 months, kidney transplants, heart attacks, etc. Call if you would like more information.

  2. Mark Murphy says:

    I have a 66 year old female non-smoker who wants a $250,000 10-Year term policy. She was turned down by Genworth Life & Annuity two years ago due to the fact that she hadn’t seen a doctor in over 20 years. She has since gotten a complete physical with all the female stuff checked out. She takes 40mgs of Lovastatin once a day. I have a copy of her medical reports.

    Is there anything you can do with this?

    Mark Murphy

  3. Gary Odendahl says:

    what product do you have that would be suitable for an ongoing IRA customer that wants to make minimum and maximum IRA contributions until age 67-70?

  4. Jerry Weaver says:

    I would like to know how agents are marketing the Lazy Money concept beyond reaching out to their own clients. Mailers? seminars?

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